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SCKLS Youth and School Services
 2020 Summer Library Program


Summer Library Program Materials

The South Central Kansas Library System annually cooperates with other regional library systems and the State Library of Kansas to purchase and provide Summer Library Program materials at no charge to SCKLS member libraries that offer an annual Summer Library Program.  Since SCKLS does not directly administer the statewide purchasing process for Summer Library Program materials, our ability to provide and fund such resources is limited.

SCKLS member libraries that want to receive these materials at no charge are responsible for providing SCKLS with a current work email address and monitoring the cycle of email and website communications from SCKLS as well as responding to requests for information in a timely manner.  

To facilitate member libraries in providing a Summer Library Program (SLP) to their communities, SCKLS provides the following cycle of communications and support services.

June - August Email and website request for SLP statistics. 
August - September SLP statistics closure.
October - December SLP Manual, Catalog, and Order Form.  SLP Grant disbursement.
January - March SLP material delivery including receipt confirmation by signature;  SCKLS SLP Workshop
March - May SLP Banner deliveries to member libraries having completed the SLP Order Form.


2020 Summer Library Program

"Imagine Your Story"


2020 Annual Summer Library Program Workshop

Date: Tuesday, February 25, 2020 
Presenters: Micaela Sanchez and Cydney Clink
Presenters Resources: Presentation Slides
Passive Programming
Programming Beyond the Manual
Summer Reading to Summer Learning
Location: Exploration Place
300 N. McLean Blvd.
Wichita, KS 67203


SCKLS Summer Library Program Grant
SCKLS Summer Library Program Materials Order Form (closed)
SCKLS Summer Library Program Evaluation Form (due September 10, 2020)


Additional Summer Library Program Resources

CSLP Store CSLP Public Service Announcements
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  • Exploration Place Coupon  2020 Summer Library Coupon
  • Exploration Place Coupon Fact Sheet for Library Staff
  • Statewide Performers Directory       


Upcoming Summer Library Program Themes

2021 Summer Library Program

  • Slogan: "Tails and Tales"
  • Theme: Animals and Stories
  • Artist: Salina Yoon

2022 Summer Library Program

  • Slogan: "All Together Now" (Change the World/Social) with the artistry of Sophie Blackhall
  • Theme: "Kindness, Inclusion, Diversity"
  • Artist: Sophie Blackall

2023 Summer Library Program

  • Oceanography Theme


For additional information, please contact SCKLS Youth and School Services Consultant
Robin Hargrave, 800-234-0529, ext. 144
620-259-7473, fax: 620-663-9797