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Congratulations to the 2018 School Interlibrary Loan Grant recipients:

  • Frederic Remington High School Library, Jodi Janzen
  • Hesston High School Library, Rachel Yoder
  • Stafford School Library, Gerry Hildebrand

Congratulations to the 2019/2020 SCKLS STEAM Makerspace Kit recipients:

  • Traci Henning, Newton High School
  • Kris Janzen, Remington Middle School
  • Leslie Henderson, Leonard Seal Elementary School
  • Amy Brownlee, Sterling Grade School
  • Shelly Davis, Freeman Elementary School
  • Erin Cox, Benton Elementary School
  • Evonne Kuhrt, Stanley Elementary School
  • Sandee Belden, Ruth Clark Elementary School
  • Megan Vittitow, Augusta Middle School
  • Kathy Peterson & Karen Blanchat, Smoky Valley Middle School

2019/2020 SCKLS STEAM Makerspace Grant

SCKLS is offering a STEAM Makerspace Grant available to SCKLS school library members to assist school libraries in being providers of STEAM supportive learning experiences. The SCKLS STEAM Makerspace Grant offers school libraries a set of Elenco Snap Circuit Brics with accompanying battieries. This set is valued at approximately $450.00

Makerspace Resources

Summary of Research and Assessment Integration by Teresa Barnett and Angela Rosheim using LAUNCH, and a 3-step Method