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Limited consulting services and hardware/software support are provided to assist member librarians in the use of current technologies. This service provides advice, training and consulting in the areas of automation, planning, policies, Internet, electronic information services including e-readers, hardware/software, website development, digitization and basic computer and network troubleshooting.

Limited technology support by phone, e-mail, remote desktop or on-site is available from technology staff.  Planning and consulting services are available from the Director of Information Technology. Staff may also refer member libraries to third party technical resources and may assist with third party price negotiations for computer hardware and software purchases. Technology and Automation Grant programs are available to assist member libraries with the acquisition of hardware/software upgrades, new technologies and/or automation projects as defined by current grant guidelines. 

Staff and Resources

Five full-time and one half-time positions include the Director of Information Technology; Automation and Technology Services Coordinator, three Technology Consultants and one Technology Projects Specialist. Online resources include the SCKLS website: for access to various SCKLS training, tutorials, continuing education, Internet links, grant applications and other information.  Electronic mail lists for public, school , academic member libraries are provided to further professional communications among SCKLS members.

Service Guidelines

SCKLS technology consultants provide limited consulting, training and referrals as well as facilitate the evaluation and ordering of equipment when appropriate.  SCKLS provides member libraries matching technology grants subject to guidelines and availability of funds.  SCKLS provides limited phone access and referral to next level technical assistance for member libraries. 

SCKLS Technology Polices

Member responsibilities

Member libraries who need assistance   in any of the previous areas should contact technology staff. Technology staff will attempt to resolve the query by phone, e-mail, remote desktop, in person or through referrals to appropriate resources.  Member libraries are encouraged to apply for technology matching grants.  Member libraries must be able to perform basic technology skills.  Member libraries are responsible for providing the primary support for their library technology. 

Larry Papenfuss - Director of Information Technology 

Lisa Sharbaugh - Automation and Technology Services Coordinator

Sharon Barnes - Technology Consultant

Robyn Bravi - Technology Consultant    

Tamia Taylor, Technology Consultant

Stefanie Gostautas - Technology Projects Specialist