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SCKLS has three special library members:  El Dorado Correctional Facility; Hutchinson Correctional Facility and McConnell Air Force Base (AFB), Wichita.  Special Library membership in SCKLS is authorized to the primary institution and not to individual library sites within the institution. When reporting data for individual library sites within a primary institution, aggregate the number of registered users and interlibrary loans to other libraries.

It is the responsibility of the Special Library Member to determine how grant funds are administered among its individual library sites, but grant funds must be used for library purposes only. To be eligible for the SCKLS Special Library Grant, the following eligibility requirements must be met:

  1. The amount of annual grant-in-aid is based on the annual number of registered users and the number of interlibrary loans to other libraries;
  2. Grant funds must be administered by a Master of Library Science level staff member employed full-time by the institution;
  3. Grant funds must be used to purchase educational and recreation materials that become part of the library’s collection;
  4. All library materials purchased must be available for interlibrary loan;
  5. Inactive library user registration records must be deleted or updated at least every three years; 
  6. A grant eligibility form must be completed by the deadline noted on the application for the correctional facility or military facility library applicant.

If you have questions about the grant, please contact Paul Hawkins, SCKLS Director, 800-234-0529, Ext. 113 or paul@sckls.info

Grant Information & Forms

Application: Correctional Facility Library
Application: McConnell Air Force Base Library

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